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Howdy Dowdy from Rittenhouse

RittenhouseRittenhouse Posts: 305Member
edited February 2012 in Introductions
Hi there, fellow GameSaladers! :)

I'm Rittenhouse! (Real name is Paul, but hey, whatever works for you!)

Well, I have to say that finding GameSalad has been awesome! Such a great close group... not to mention so very helpful. :) Just to quickly tell you a bit about myself, I'm an illustrator and designer (with a background in animation) who loves creating characters and unique worlds... so Game App creation has been a dream come true for me. With GameSalad, I've been able to release two ipad apps so far: "Devour All Humans" and my MAJOR project that took six months: "Simply Wizard". I encourage you to take a look at them if you ever have a moment. :) No pressure! lol

Anyway, I can't wait to be involved in the GS community and get you know you guys. I'm sure we'll have a very interesting, creative time together. :)

Best of luck to all of you in your projects!
Throw me a message some time, I'd love to hear about them!



  • POMPOM Posts: 2,599Member
    Greetings Paul !
    Love your work so far ! i wish you all the best with sales and with upcoming projects !

  • calvin9403calvin9403 Posts: 3,190Member
    welcome Paul! and your game looks awesome! post it on the thread!
  • RittenhouseRittenhouse Posts: 305Member
    @P-O-M Hi There! Thanks so much! Hope to see you around.

    @calvin9403 Thanks for the welcome! ... glad you like the game! :) And its posted!

    @saladstraightshooter Hello, "head chef"! :D Great to meet you.. I've definitely already begun to "settle". Its a great community. Definitely hope to be in touch with you from time to time. Are you a game creator too? Got any pearls of wisdom to pass on? (I should probably just go read your bio on the "Team" page.. but that would be cheating. lol)
  • RittenhouseRittenhouse Posts: 305Member
    @saladstraightshooter Hey! Sorry for the double post on my own intro thread, but I have a question and profiles seem to be down at the moment on my end. I was wondering how you post images onto posts. I notice other people are doing it and I cant seem to figure it out. O.o
  • HoneyTribeStudiosHoneyTribeStudios Posts: 1,792Member
    Hi Paul, you can check out the guide here:

    The 'profiles is down' message has been there for over a year so I wouldn't worry about that.


    Give me a buzz if you need some original music in your games.

  • RittenhouseRittenhouse Posts: 305Member
    @honeytribestudios Hey! Thanks! Thats what Ive been looking for. :) Being new around here, I didnt want to start experimenting with code in the forums trying to make it work.. lol Thanks!
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