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Go Fishing (iPad, Facebook, Social) Free!

imGuaimGua Posts: 1,089Member
edited February 2012 in Non-GS Game News

About game
Arcade fishing simulator with quests, tournaments and all that good stuff.

What's happening
This is a social game, that I have been working for the last years as dependent developer. ;) Today, at last, iPad version of the game have hit the appstore. Facebook version of the game is released a while ago. Right now, we are also porting and releasing game for various other social networks.

The game if free. I'll be much appreciated if leave a rating, especially goodone :D




  • EinsteinAppsEinsteinApps Posts: 81Member
    edited February 2012
    HOLY CRAP was this done with game salad? Great work either way, I'll pick it up and leave you a review!

    *Edit - NM I see it's in non-GS thread, still bad **** game!
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