Lost city #1 in UK

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#1 overall in the uk...congrats Joe.



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    And #2 in top paid apps overall in the UK... amazing, you are an inspiration to us all. I think you've just pulled off the second tiny wings :) Sincere congrats
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    Cant congratulate enough! Huge inspiration.
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    Where can I view the charts ?
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    Holy wow!... i bought the lost city today as well and i didn't even know it was ranked that high up... that is fantastic man, congrats Joe! ... just as a side thing how many downloads do you need to make it to number 1?.. its like a few thousand minimum right?
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    @Tynan, go to your iPhone, in App Store, under Top 25 and also Categories>All Games

    Edit: It's official in UK, now #1 Top Paid App overall - knocked off WhatsApp!
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    ^ that would be only if he's in the uk ... otherwise it will show the top rankings of your countries market ... just search it in UK itunes store on google if your not in the UK
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    @SAZ - you mean Tynan? He is in the UK if I'm not mistaken ;)
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    oh cool... my bad, didn't realise he was from the UK.. if so then its what you said yea, sorry! :D
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    Joe I am very jealous of you lol

    congrats Joe!
  • ChobbifaceChobbiface PRO Posts: 491
    No worries :D
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    Cheers ! I was looking under iPad apps on iTunes . . . . . found it now !

    @Chobbiface . . . . yup, London.

    Does anyone know the name of that website that shows you the top apps from around the world, can't remember the name, but there are great big panels of all the icons, laid out by country . . . ?
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    P.S . . . . . sorry for such a basic question . . . who is Joe ? And did he make Lost City on Gamesalad ?
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    is the site your referring to appannie?... not sure otherwise.... basically yea joe made the lost city... but he used Corona SDK to do it i believe... originally he used Gamesalad as a starting point and the main reason everyone "looks" up to him is because he was in a similar position to us all and with hard work and effort finally made it! ... also he is a Sous Chef on the forums so feel free to message him and if hes not too busy he'll message back!
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    Cheers SAZ_1

    That's not the website I was thinking of, the one I was thinking of has the charts laid out as Icons / by country . . . . . ?

    Thanks for the info and well done to Joe !!
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    #42 on the US Game App charts. That is impressive. Rooting for the top 25! BTW, bought the game. Of course it's good.


    "We are in love with this challenging puzzle game." - Gamesalad

    4/5 Stars - "A new puzzle game that is both challenging and fun." - App Advice

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    Amazing . . Definitely inspirational. . .

    Just like the first time with with grisly manor.

    For that don't know. Joe made grisly manor with Gamesalad . It did really well an he put the time in to remake it with a different software to speed up loading times.

    This is the follow up game again made with the different software. But still it has some Gamesalad heritage.

    Massive jealous congratulations to joe
  • firemaplegamesfiremaplegames Member Posts: 3,206
    Thank you everybody! Yes, I am beside myself with excitement!

    The Lost City is #1 in the UK and The Secret of Grisly Manor is #3 in the UK. Two apps in the top 3 is mind boggling.

    @Tynan: Nice to meet you! I made a bunch of free demos back in the day to show off what GS could do. They changed the search function recently so you can no longer find them anymore. You can sorta see them on my profile wall. I will try to make them accessible from my website or something. Maybe they can help people out again.
  • JoVeJoVe Member Posts: 224
    Congrats firemaplegames!
    In The Netherlands you are #8(All games)!
  • GLGAMESGLGAMES SingaporeMember Posts: 988
    Reaping in the harvest now!!! when is our turn.... so envious!!!
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    This is fab and shows there is justice in this world for care and effort. And you haven't been featured in N&N yet! This is what can happen if you lock yourself into a project for a year or two, devote thousands of hours to it, and have vision, and perspective on reality while pushing for your dream. I wish you ongoing success. Now where did I put my camera, photoshop guide for idiots, and protein shakes?

  • GLGAMESGLGAMES SingaporeMember Posts: 988
    i think FMG's creations stand out because of the nice graphics and ambience setting when you play it. totally enjoyed Grisly manor.
    The game seems simple enough, it's the minor details that may have made a difference . For that matter i'm still unable to get some nice arts for my games.. that may be why it's not getting popular :(
  • ChunkypixelsChunkypixels Member Posts: 1,113
    Congrats to FMG on the UK no1 and the continuing success of Lost City. Its very well deserved.

    @GLGames ...If your talking about artwork to the quality that FMG creates, then your going to need a serious chunk of money to invest. Im guessing that realistically, if the cost of Joes time were properly taken into account, that the artwork for Lost City is going to have cost $20,000+ minimum... and Im thinking thats probably a very low estimate for a years worth of quality artwork, it could/should easily be two to three times that....

    So its no accident that the game is doing well....
  • GLGAMESGLGAMES SingaporeMember Posts: 988
    Yuh, how i wish i was great at art
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    I just saw lost city is number 3 on the American Amazon kindle store! Way to go!
  • firemaplegamesfiremaplegames Member Posts: 3,206
    @old_kipper: thank you so much ! That really means a lot!

    @GL_Games: Yes, these adventure games are relatively simple to code. The trick comes with designing how all the items work together. And the art is my passion, I love obsessing over every detail!

    @FryingBaconStudios: Thanks! It was actually at #2 all day yesterday, but couldn't beat out Where's My Water. Which is totally fine and understandable, since that is such an amazing game!

    @Chunkypixels: Thank you sir! I would work on these games for free!
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    thats it im gona make a game called THE SECRET OF THE LOST CITY
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    Damn, looks like someone is going to BUY the UK! lol. :D
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    That's really nice to see it at no.1 above the usual games that seem to have pitched a tent in the top 25 and won't leave.

    And pleasantly surprising to think there are enough adventure game fans to knock the casual games off the top spot. Lets hope it stays there for a while.

    So Grisly Manor 2 HD with pc and mac ports for Steam...?
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