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Looking for someone to HELP me code my game ( PAID )

David_GryphonsRealmDavid_GryphonsRealm Posts: 459Member
As the title says it, i want someone i can rely on whenever i get stuck in a part of my game. Don't really know how it would work, all i know is that I WOULD BE PAYING whoever this individual may be. So you don't have to respond here because email or Skype would be better to do a discussion on the matter so my info is the following :
Skype : david_gryphonsrealm
email: gryphonsrealm (at) yahoo (dot) com
you can get ahold of me thru there and ask questions and provide me with your rates and so on.

***NOTE*** i would REALLY appreciate if only SERIOUS coders ( as in you know GS pretty well ) contacted me, just so that i get what i pay for :D



  • So I believe i found who I'm gonna be working with and I'm pretty excited about it !! They ( I'll keep it anonymous ) are very experienced in GS and I truly believe that the game will turn out fantastic !! :D
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