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Test Flight Testers!

ars914ars914 Posts: 115Member
HI everyone!
My game is mostly finished but not completly. Is there anyone that will test my app for glitches and tell me what I need to do to make it even better? If you want to just email me at or just click the link.


  • signed up to test :D
  • DoguzDoguz Posts: 500Member
    Hey, thanks. Just discovered test flight thanks to your message.

    About to install it on my phone. What impact will it have? Does it change any settings on my phone that I need to be aware of?
  • DoguzDoguz Posts: 500Member
    I also signed up to test.
  • ars914ars914 Posts: 115Member
    No it doesnt it just asks you to register your phone because it needs a number so I can send the app.
  • ars914ars914 Posts: 115Member
    And are you sure you guys did it right? I haven't recieved any emails!
  • DoguzDoguz Posts: 500Member
    Just sent the email
  • ars914ars914 Posts: 115Member
  • ars914ars914 Posts: 115Member
    Ok, I need your email and then it will work!
  • DoguzDoguz Posts: 500Member
  • ars914ars914 Posts: 115Member
    Ok! I sent it! Anyone else like to do it?
  • DoguzDoguz Posts: 500Member
    Well, that was interesting. Mainly taking test flight for a test drive. Regetering and getting an account up and running was smooth. Joining the team was smooth, Acceptting the app for beta testing was smooth. Totally recommend test flight and I'll be using it in the future.

    However @ars914, you app is FAR from beta testing. Probably only about 20-40% complete. You should wait until you have fully functioning buttons at least before you get testers in.

    In terms of the game itself. Well it isn't original. Doesn't appeal visually (yet). And gameplay gets boring.
    I'd recommend bringing in a theme. Why don't you work on an easter theme, or an animal or something (Theres enough zombies and pandas though). Nobody cares if a ball gets killed. And change up the graphics from scene to scene. How about this. The start of the scene a man is standing, then suddenly his eye pops out and start to roll away. That's a theme you could build on.

    Thanks for letting me test.
  • ars914ars914 Posts: 115Member
    I know it's not done. I know some buttons don't work. But I was just asking if you like the general idea. Thats all.
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