Hi All - Trying to get hold of the author of the quiz template in the marketplace.

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Hi Everyone, I am new to gamesalad and trying to get hold of the writer of the quiz template on the marketplace - it would be good to allow more easy contact with sellers given they are selling code and support is kinda fundamental

I bought your template for a quiz for $25 in the last few days.
I am pretty new to gamesalad but I have gone through all the tutorials.

It would be really useful if there was an explanation of what is going on as it is obviously something you intend people to change and improve.

I have added a new table and set up several scenes so we can have a menu etc.
I have also read about a technique to avoid repetition of questions for the whole quiz.

I would like more explanation of what is happening in template as there is no code view to see it all;- Attributes, Rules and Behaviours are scattered throughout my project due to being attached to different actors or the game etc.
This was the problem with flash in the early days, hence action script to allow you to know about and get to everything.

What I would like from you is a pseudo code run down of what is happening in order so i can fit my own stuff around it.
So a list of what attributes are needed, when they are set in relation to a new quiz / new question and what triggers moving onto the next question.

For instance, I have everything in my game scene but it does not start when scene is loaded despite setting start timer and start game to true.
Also i do not see why there is set first puzzle and set new puzzle.

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