Why do you make games? What's your story.

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I thought this would be an awesome topic.

Me personally. I've always wanted to be in the field.
But I enjoy creating my own world. Not just games though, growing up I loved drawing, writing stories, i've made hand drawn flash videos a lot to for fun. So much for fun. (even flip books)
In Age of empires I use to kill everything on the enemy team except one building.
Then I would just build until I could build no more.

I just love putting hard work into something original and saying "I did that"
I've also done small films etc for fun with friends (before the days of youtube) all for fun. Played around with after effects a little.
I use to send 1,000+ word essays into game companies saying how I like their game and what I would like to see improved.

I suggested to the WWE franchise that they should call their game "Raw vs Smackdown" a year or so later "Smackdown Vs Raw" came out. Not sure if they listened to all of the emails I sent... but it's interesting to think about.

Before I came across Game salad and a Mac, I tried making games on flash following YouTube tutorials and OMG bug killing was absolutely frustrating to the point of GRAHHHH Hulk up =:)

I looked at GameMaker and just didn't like it. Was totes pumped getting Gamesalad, I was already in horrible debt (still am) but I financed a Macbook anyway made the risk and I don't regret buying the Mac! admittedly I haven't always been happy with my road through GS. But no huge regrets, gonna keep going full steam ahead! Time + effort and heart = results!

If I would choose anything over Game making to be honest it would be Pro Wrestling, I was training to be a Pro Wrestler (WWE styles) for over 2 years. I was a 115kg/240+ lbs bodybuilder for it. But then I got injured and it's irreversible.

I wouldn't say Games are my fall back as i'm totally passionate about it! But now I have a lot more time and it makes me very happy that although my body is unstable, I can make games and still do something I enjoy. I plan on being here indefinitely no matter where life takes me.

So long as Gamesalad keeps improving it will be the software I continue to use.

Thanks Gamesalad for everything, you've made this under educated kids dreams come true!

Ok next :D


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    do you mind me asking how old you are??... recently going through a lot of the threads i feel like im a lot older then most people on these forums and im not that old (24)! ... but whats my story?.. well i've applied for tons of different gaming jobs, entry role ones ... always seemed to get rejected for no real good reason.. so, i decided im going to give it a shot on my own see where i end up ... and lo and behold im on the GS forums making games! next step for me?.. well make a game that thousands if not more enjoy playing at that point ... me = :D
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    I'm just a crazy person trying to take over the world. @-)
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    Well, I am still just a kid. I have been trying to draw on paper, but for the past 11 years, nothing seems to look good. Last year, when I got my first Mac Book, I was interested in the computer world, and creating games. I had tried Minecraft Mods, Sploder.com(which is pretty good), and Scratch, but none of them really compared to what I found- gamesalad.
    That is my story. And here I am, craeting an Iphone game
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    @SAZ_1 - i'm 24 to. ;)

    @FryingBaconStudios - I know mate :P

    @etzer -11 years is fantastic persistence!
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    So is this your career?
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    no far from it... i wish it was though! ... im still learning the ropes and looking for work, also have a part time job which normally takes out a lot of my time... but hey who knows maybe one day you can ask me again & ill be able to say yep it is! :D
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    @Fry Wait..... person or...Pinky? Do you do this every night after the animal testing lab closes?
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    Start playing videogames from a very young age. Did some games with paper, scissors, marker pens. When I got my Windows PC and the Internet. Somehow learned that everyone can make maps and mods for Half-Life/Counter-Strike. Became a passionate map maker. Did win some mapping contest and made a singleplayer mod for Half-Life as my last mapping project. Also did some maps for some 2d games. After I had leave university not finishing it, I've somehow manage to get a job in Game Dev industry as a tester. End up as a lead game designer on the same project. It is fun and hard to work in Game Dev, but one thing did bother me. Every next project was more distant from my tastes than the previous. Thats why my interest to game dev software without coding increased. Did try a lot of software but it was not good. After spending a lot of time trying to make hackintosh, did launch MacOS X using emulator and tried Game Salad. I was really impressed with Game Salad, so bought a Mac. That's is  basically my road to Game Salad. 
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    Can't edit post on iPhone so will post here: Right now I spend almost all my time on game dev. On the work, making games. In a road reading on game dev related topics. At home, making game with GS. And some times I even play games :D But thats happening more rare and rare.
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    I've been a musician and composer for sometime now. Ive studied music at a few school in Los Angeles and am still finishing up UCLAs film scoring program. I've worked at some major recording studios in la too. I've gotten and still do work on some great projects and gigs. But it's a tough career choice. A year ago I noticed apple Xcode dev program, I learned some basic skills then randomly found GameSalad , thank God. My dream is to make aliving creating apps and making music...and I'm almost there
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    Ever since I played King's Quest, I wanted to make my own game worlds.

    I've worked in the industry for 11 years, but quit last November to make my own games.

    I worked at Firemint, and worked as Game Designer on SPY mouse and Real Racing 2. I worked on a bunch of other stuff there, too.

    I've wanted to make my own games since I started in the industry, and with the rise of mobile, and apps like Game Salad, the stars finally came into alignment, and I left work to give it a shot on my own!

    Hoping to announce my first game in the next month or so. And many more game ideas to come after that!

    I especially love deep simulations like the Thief series, and games with great story and atmosphere.

    I want to try to make some games with that sort of richness, but with a streamlined, old-school sort of technology level. I love that mobile phone platforms and tablets have brought back a real hoorah for the golden age of games, where you can make old-school style games (2D games, top down games, platform games, word games, etc), and people are there to play them!

    In many ways, most of the gamers out there are demanding simple games! Like Doodle Jump, and Flight Control. So it's an exciting time to try making games in small teams, or on your own, just like the old days!

    I wanted to start making games because of all the exciting and imaginative times playing games in the 80's. So I'm trying it capture that magic, and put it into my games I'm working on now!

    Indie Game Developer

    PS: You can check out my developer diary, where I look at some of my favorite old games, and talk about making my games here...

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    Well.... I've always wanted to go back in time, so I went to see Doc and....

    JK =))

    For real this time.

    I have been playing video games since I was able to hold a controller or portable gaming device (i.e. gameboy, neogeo, etc.). I have always loved arcade games, platforming games, RPGs, and shooters. I had gotten the idea of possibly combining the four into one ultimate zombie platforming shooter, arcade style, where you could choose different survivors.

    This game became my ongoing project known only as Zombie Party.

    I have barely started this project though (guilty as charged :-\" )

    So yeah. That's pretty much it.
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    When I turned 18, I read an article on Gamesradar.com (formerly cheatplanet.com) and I read an article about how to make a game in 1 week with no coding. I was intrigued so I looked at GS and was like "This looks awesome!!" But it was only for Mac back then :/

    So I invested $300 into an old mac-book and after a few weeks working on a starter project (and being that 1 annoying noob on the forums), I created my first game/app in a few days, but then it took a month for me to get it published (Had trouble using the wrong profiles, wrong binary, rejected because of a glitch that made the title screen's buttons not appear/a black screen).

    Then after a while, on June 8th,2012 my app was finally released (It got 142 downloads on the 1st day!). Then Gamesalad had some weird issues where I couldn't get on which was probably because my mac was from 2007 lol. As of now, I'm looking for a new mac/a job while saving for college. Hopefully I can show pics of my next project in a few weeks.

    Anyways, that's my story
    Next :)

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    I started wanting to go into animation. I got my degree, then realized it was a lot of work with long hours and very very little credit. Bleh.

    I worked in calls centers and finally ended up in the mortgage field. Needless to say I am not entirely happy with my current position.

    I've been drawing for as long as I can remember and always wanted to do something creative.

    Sadly, I got into making games for the money(shameful I know). One of my foolish youthful aspiration was to make money quickly and with minimal effort. As I got older I realized it's not so easy.

    As I began designing my first game, (to rake in the cash mind you), I realized I really enjoyed myself, a lot more than I thought. I found that making games gave me the ability to not only make make money (maybe :) ), but more importantly, it let me get back to were I know I was meant to be...in the creative field.

    So I work my day job, raise my kids with my wife, and every morning I wake up at 4:30 AM just so I can get time in making games. It's funny because I only get 5-6 hours of sleep a night but it isn't even exhausting because I really really really enjoy doing it. Now at 27, I've come to a point where money is still on my mind but it isn't my focus. Making good games that I can be proud of is what I care about most. And really, after reaching this point, the game ideas seem to come easier than ever with out having to worry about "Will it make money".

    I have to thank GS immensely for this. With my schedule I wouldn't have time to teach myself a new language like I did for HTML, CSS, and PHP back in my college days. The way GS is setup I was able to learn quickly with minimal exposure.

    Love this community too!
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    Making video games is something that my husband and I share together. It's a joint effort. We are both gamers at heart and we love how easy it is to put our ideas together when we use GameSalad. The GS Community has been pretty helpful and supportive :)

    Even though I'm not a mom yet (hoping to be soon!), but making kid-friendly games makes me feel more connected to my future in being a mother. Money is nice, but our enjoyment comes first :D
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    I want a solid gold train and I thought making games would help. It hasn't.
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    Great thread. I've always drawn and painted mainly because of games, I came to game salad to start making games for portfolio purposes. The program is a blessing simply removing the part that prevents a lot of creative people from doing just that, creating. So far I've found it great and the forums fantastic for the moments where you feel you might be in over your head.

    Also making games is a lot of fun even if it goes nowhere I'll certainly still be here.
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    This topic reminds me of when I was very little. I loved to draw and asked my mom I wanted to make an animation. She told me I had to color it really good then. In my little mind I thought that when I would color my drawings really well it would start moving by itself. So I colored and colored but nothing happened. Haha!
    So I guess that's where it started. I must have been 4 or something.
    Later I wanted to go to art school but my parents told me that there is no money in art and I needed to learn a real profession. Man where they wrong. I went to learn electronics but after 2 weeks I quit and went to a visualisers school. I still regret I didn't go to the art academy. Now there is an animation academy as well but I am a little to old to start that. So making games is my best shot at being free and creative.
    I am a graphic designer by profession. Nice but not really free and creative if you get what I mean.
    I also make music since I was 15. That helps too.
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