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March 15 Game Engine Shootout, Palo Alto, Represent.

adent42adent42 Key Master, Head Chef, Executive Chef, Member, PRO Posts: 1,616 GameSalad Employee
edited November -1 in News from the Dev Team
On March 15 The Silicon Valley iPhone (and iPad) Developers' Meetup
is having a Game Engine Shootout.

Is there anyone out in the Bay Area that could represent GameSalad. We would
need someone to show up at a 6:30 (for setup) and be ready to show off making
an iPhone game with GameSalad.

Represent *attempts to make a G with hand*

(If it helps, there's a T-Shirt in it for you).


  • rebumprebump Member Posts: 1,058
    Man, I wish I still lived in the bay area otherwise I would!!
  • bladeolsonbladeolson Member Posts: 295
    I live in Saratoga, CA. Sorry I did not see this until too late. I would totally be up for doinf that kind of thing in the future. I have a ton of experience with this too. Let me know if you ever need help again.
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