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Small Paid Project Looking for a Help

jamie_cjamie_c ImagineLabs.rocksPosts: 5,539Member
Hi All,

Here is a quick breakdown of what I'm looking for, if you're interested in helping out and providing a quote/estimate please contact me with questions or a request for more information.

See this screen:

There are two sliders on the left side of the screen that I need to control the colored bars on the right side of the screen. These sliders will be controlled by touch on an iPad.

All three bars, brown, red and green can start out half full. I have them at different levels in the screen just to show that they will move up and down. However the brown bar will never actually move.

When the slider on the left is moved up, the red bar needs to move up and the green bar needs to move down. The opposite would happen when the slider is moved down.

When the slider on the right is moved up, only the red bar would move up. Again the opposite would happen when the slider is moved down.

This is a one screen iPad 'demo' of a machine control for use at a trade show.

If you're interested and confident you can complete this in a timely manner please contact me here or at my work email: [email protected] Please feel free to contact me with questions as well.



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