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"Low-to-no budget" Music Composer for your Projects!

TysuruTysuru Posts: 14Member
My name is Ryan Green. I'm looking to build up my portfolio as well as get some experience working with people on their media projects. I'm a 19 year old college student who desires to one day be able to help compose for film (I got a ways to go ;) ) and thought I could start small and help whoever needed help with their projects.

If you'd like examples of what I can do, some of my music is located here:
Main Website:

A few premade songs for sale: (This website is constantly getting more of my pieces uploaded)

Again, I'm not "professional," but you got to start somewhere right?
I use Logic Pro and am willing to make you custom music.

Pricing can be negotiated - (Probably free to very cheap depending on whether or not you're planning on making money off of your project)

Like I said, my main desire is to build up a portfolio as well as start networking. I'm super excited to hear from whoever needs some background music for their games!

Check out my portfolio and e-mail me at [email protected] if you wish to talk about a possible project.

-Ryan Aaron Green


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