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24 Hour Game challenge Happening Right now! *Prizes*x6

ozboybrianozboybrian Posts: 2,102PRO
edited February 2012 in Conferences and Events
Hey all!

I've got little to do while I wait for some more things for my current game.
So i'm going to try start and finish a whole new game between now and this time tomorrow.
My friend Lykke is doing all the graphics for me.

See how I go!

If anyone else wants to give it a shot feel free to.
I will pick the best game and share it on List Your Top iPhone Game!
@leonarddeveloper is offering a free Custom Splash Screen to the winner!
@Motherhoose is offering Art!
@ARandomDay - Offering some amazing art to! You can see it in the thread.
@RKS supplying and art selection to the winner.
@EatingMyHat - Slot Machine template (
@UnicornInvasion - giving a Nature Menu Template and a five pack of sfx!
@fryingbaconstudios - is giving a particle package to the winner.

- You get 24 hours to do the comp.
- Competition ends at 12 pm GMT 18th Feb.
- You can't have started before today.

Thanks everyone! See how we go. :D

Brian. :)

Contestants: Welcome aboard!


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