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No volume control possible for Music?

bloomerbloomer Posts: 53Member
It seems that if a sound file is designated as music (and not sound), no volume control is offered. The Play Music behaviour has no volume control while the Play Sound behaviour does. This also means it's not possible to create a volume slider for the music track. Am I correct here or have I missed something?

I realise I could treat the music as 'sound' but then I lose the ability to stream it off the hard drive. And my game will have lots of different music tracks.


  • POMPOM Posts: 2,599Member
    edited February 2012
    There are 2 attributes for the volume
    1) Music volume - controls the volume of the music files
    2) Sound volume - controls the volume of the sound effects files

  • bloomerbloomer Posts: 53Member
    Ah, under Devices! Thanks Roy. I hadn't had much cause to look in there yet.
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