Serious Developer Needed To Work On A Project (PAID) - Needed ASAP - Cash Ready

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Hi There,
I have a game salad template for a game, Im interested in developing. I also have a menu template.
I would like someone to be able to merge the two templates together so I can finish it off myself.
I am prepared to pay by the hour or on a project basis.
I am a genuine developer.
I already have a number of successful apps I have developed in XCODE, however I;m new to game salad and need help :)

If your interested please email me: OR send me a message on the forum.
And if possible provide a sample of your work.

Im hoping this can be done within a few days :)
I have money ready :)

Kind Regards



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    @elusive .. I'm don't consider myself proficient enough to offer my services for paid help ... but if you are looking to just merge two templates into one project, can I suggest you look at DeppBlueApps great merger tool. Particularly if you are looking to use GS for more apps in the future, some of their tools have been invaluable to a lot of GS members and worth the investment.
  • ElusiveElusive Member Posts: 1
    Hi Everyone.
    Firstly I would like to personally thank everyone for their emails.
    Due to the volume I received I have not been able to answer them all personally :(
    I managed to find someone to help me :) And he did a great job :)
    I wish you all the best in your app developments.
    And thank you once again for all your replies; and once again apologies for not replying personally to you all!

    Kind Regards

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