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Angry Birds Space

921creative921creative Posts: 140Member, PRO
edited February 2012 in Non-GS Game News
Exciting news about the game everyone aspires to duplicate the success of...


  • EatingMyHatEatingMyHat Posts: 1,246Member
    Wow, they are a one trick pony...
    For how long will they squeeze this cow?

    Get ready for:
    1. Angry Birds Theme Park - in Orlando
    2. Angry Birds Seasons Theme Park - in Europe
    3. The Angry Birds - The Movie (reboot for Hitchcock anyone?)
    4. ABT - Angry Birds TV channel
    5. Fried Angry Birds - Restaurant Chain (Ham and Eggs anyone?)
    6. Angry Singing Birds - The Broadway Musical
    7. Smelly Angry Birds Perfume (who doesn't want to smell like a pig)
    8. Angry Birds Secret - The Lingerie Line (feathers!)
    9. Angry Birds Plus - the social network

    "New" Games
    1. Angry Birds Under the Sea
    2. Angry Birds flashlight app
    3. Angry Birds Band - The karaoke game
    4. Pigs that had enough - hey, they deserve a spin off...
    5. Angry Birds QR scanner

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  • 921creative921creative Posts: 140Member, PRO
    I want to know how birds survive in space. Do they wear angry little helmets?
  • SlickZeroSlickZero Houston, TexasPosts: 2,870Member, Sous Chef
    Yeah, but if that were any of us, we'd milk that cow just the same until straw dust came out of the udders.

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  • SAZ_1SAZ_1 Posts: 397Member
    lol... yea i cant really do anything but admire the angry birds success even if it means they hog all the top spots ... rovio went from being nothing to literally everything these last few years, hats off to them.
  • VibraKnifeVibraKnife Posts: 60Member
    what's really funny is that, months later, only space is in the top ten :D
  • Team6LabsTeam6Labs Posts: 541Member
    I bet we will see a Angry Birds copy from Zynga soon haha

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