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Rejected App -- Nook Store

RacetotheMoonRacetotheMoon Posts: 323Member
I submitted an app to the Nook store the other day and it was rejected just now due to the following reason.

"Rejected: Suspend button does not suspend the app."

I only have two guesses for what they mean by this.

A. Pressing the device's physical home button does not return it to the OS.

B. The Pause button inside the game does not pause the game. However it has functioned every time I've tested it. However, they could have run into the 'sticky buttons' issue. Which is something that's completely random and out of my control.

My guess is B, but either would be a shame as B&N only releases Nook apps one day a week so it would be yet ANOTHER week of sales lost in their store. My first game, MegaRunner, was also kicked back on a Wednesday, but that time it was because of the music not stopping when the game was suspended. A problem only just fixed in 0.9.91, and one that wasn't reported until other users were getting their apps kicked back from Amazon and the like.

To be blunt, these mistakes are costing me the money I was hoping to use to re-up with GameSalad. So that's a tad frustrating..

Anyway, I'm writing to see if anyone else has run into this problem?

If not, heads up.


  • gregr209gregr209 Posts: 441Member
    I hope this isn't a new issues. I have an app that I am preparing for the Nook to be submitted at the end of this week. Keep us posted! Did you test it on a Nook Tablet?
  • RacetotheMoonRacetotheMoon Posts: 323Member
    No, only on a Kindle Fire.
  • RacetotheMoonRacetotheMoon Posts: 323Member
    edited February 2012
    My app was just rejected again by the friendly Nook people. So I just wanted to share this, as it may be an issue which was introduced in version 0.9.91.

    Files: Rejected: Your app was rejected because the gameplay isn't paused
    when the Nook is suspended. At the beginning of the game we suspended
    the devise and pressed the N button; after waiting several seconds we
    woke up the Nook. The game was over. When the devise is suspended, the
    User should start from were they left off when the devise is woken up.

    It should be noted that the same game performs as intended on the iOS platform.
  • LiquidGameworksLiquidGameworks Anchorage, AKPosts: 956Member, Sous Chef
    I'm bumping this, because my Nook app was rejected for just this reason. I have a timer in game, and the reviewer noticed that the timer did not stop when the reviewer "suspended" the game by pressing the n button.

    Anyone have a solution for this?
  • kirk1234kirk1234 Posts: 93Member
    I sent in two of my games to NOOK and they were rejected because of the same reason.

    So the reason is

    Your app was rejected because when we suspended the
    Nook during gameplay the app was not paused when the nook was woken up.
    The user needs to start from the same point they leave off when the
    devise is suspended.

  • kirk1234kirk1234 Posts: 93Member
    Bump please help : )

    Sorry for bumping
  • gregr209gregr209 Posts: 441Member
    edited March 2012
    @Kirk1234 that is weird I just submitted an app to Nook on Sunday called "Guess the President" and it was approved late Monday afternoon and is now on the Nook for sale. So I am not sure if there is an underlying GameSalad problem but you never know. I did have the exact same app rejected from the Amazon app store. I submitted both on Sunday evening and just yesterday got the notice from Amazon. Still not sure what to do with the Amazon app. It works fine on my Kindle Fire but Amazon says there are issues with HTC devices, Samsung tablets, and the Motorala tablet.

    You might try making minor changes and resubmitting. Have you tested it on the Nook?
  • kirk1234kirk1234 Posts: 93Member
    I tried it many times to fix it they just keep rejecting it for the same reasons.

    I'm not sure what the problem is I just want to resolve it.

  • LiquidGameworksLiquidGameworks Anchorage, AKPosts: 956Member, Sous Chef
    @kirk1234 Make sure to send it in as a bug report.
  • kirk1234kirk1234 Posts: 93Member
    @kirk1234 Make sure to send it in as a bug report.

    I sent it as a bug report earlier thanks! :D
  • RacetotheMoonRacetotheMoon Posts: 323Member
    I can't believe a fix hasn't been issued for this yet.. :\

    As a result, this is yet another week of sales, and patience, lost.
  • kirk1234kirk1234 Posts: 93Member
    I can't believe a fix hasn't been issued for this yet.. :\

    As a result, this is yet another week of sales, and patience, lost.

    I agree with you , I have contacted Gamesalad Twice, they responded and said their still working on it.

    I also agree with you about the week of sales, I was really looking forward to sending my game in.

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