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how to draw a top view car animation?

guillefaceguilleface Posts: 997Member
hey guys, so my second game will be a racing game, i bought the car racer template, but the cars looks a little weird like that, it feels like they are sliding, how should i set up my sprites wheels to make it looks like the wheels are spinning, i google search but is hard to find top view images, so if you have a link or something please post. thanks in advanced.


  • CloudsClouds Posts: 1,599Member
    edited February 2012
    "how should i set up my sprites wheels to make it looks like the wheels are spinning"

    In a top view of a car you cannot see the wheels.

    "i google search but is hard to find top view images"

    'Car top view' returns "about 4,500,000,000 results" in Google images . . . . that's four point five billion results, page after page of top down views of cars.

    8-X ;)
  • guillefaceguilleface Posts: 997Member
    yeah but none of them show a animation, and after searching for top view car animation , yeah i still get millions but we all know google search anything , i meant what the hell a guy face has to do with my search.
  • SpriteAttackSpriteAttack Posts: 524Member
    edited February 2012
    There is not a whole lot that animates on car.... It's basically just the wheels - if you see them (e.g. f1 style cars) or you can run a highlight over the top of the car that is moving from front to back.

    Here's a quick mock:
    [variations in the tires and a simple shine going over the whole body]
  • SingleSparqSingleSparq Posts: 1,339Member
    Yeah in My Suburban Gran prix game I just animated the tires.

    Member since November 2009 :D
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  • guillefaceguilleface Posts: 997Member
    thanks spriteattact thats what i was looking for, do you think a car like that have copyrights? i want my cars just like that.
  • POMPOM Posts: 2,599Member
    edited February 2012
    Sure it has copyrights ;) its spriteattack's work ..
    Maybe you can purchase it from him ,or get a permission to use it , I'm sure spriteattack will respond to you soon about it..

  • SpriteAttackSpriteAttack Posts: 524Member
    Any original piece of art, text, painting created by an individual copyright protected, guileface. What do you need? Are SVG source files ok - so you can colour the car differently?
  • RPRP Posts: 1,990Member
    edited February 2012
    He's some other things some things you could do to make them feel less static. If you plan on animating a car from the view I'd strongly suggest exaggerating the car's design, like the wheels extending far past the fenders (on some cars), so you can get that wheel spin animation effect. Make the car rumble/vibrate (just a couple frames of the image shifted a few pixels). The mufflers in the back can vibrate (have exhaust while idle and flame on acceleration). You could add reflection animations onto the windows (clouds, changes in lighting, cityscape). You can also add headlamps lighting, tail brakes, turn signals. Add animations/image swaps for left and right turns (move the body of the car in the opposite direction, the wheels stay put) and brakes (move the body forward) and acceleration (body moves backwards).
  • guillefaceguilleface Posts: 997Member
    svg will be awesome, but i was not talking this particular car spriteattack just made, iam talking about this car looks like a f1 design, i think another gamesalad member bought this template and used the same cars and he had contacted by someone saying his cars look like the other guy cars that had copyrights. what i normally do is find a image on google, trace it but i change stuffs and different colors, i just need to see how it looks.
  • guillefaceguilleface Posts: 997Member
    those are great tips thanks. , i did was going to see f i could add the turning wheels,i will add the brake lights too :) , but the others. dont know how, if there something icant do is annimations lol. but. will try.thank again guys.
  • guillefaceguilleface Posts: 997Member
    @singlesparq, could you tell me how big are your tracks? you said you have 19 tracks but your game file is like 22mb, my tracks are 1920 x1280 but i have to double the size for retina display, and with only 4 tracks my file is already 30mb and i am planning adding more, each track consists of 16 images of 960x640 so i think total is 5mb per track. is this a lot?
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