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Automatic Reset help

kajutokajuto Posts: 314Member
edited February 2012 in Miscellaneous
Hi there!!!! inside the gameplay i have a bad guy, falling object and health bar, and collectable coin (with score of course) can i set that every time i enter level 1 the whole scene reset everything to where it's was???? explain me in step please....


  • hotMagichotMagic Posts: 266Member, PRO
    If you're loading the scene from a Scene Load action, it will be as it was the first time you played it. However, any game level attributes, such as something like game.coinCollected or something, will need to be reset to their original values. The easiest way is to have an actor that initiates those variables on level start.
  • kajutokajuto Posts: 314Member
    and how i do that? about a actor that initiators those variables on level start?
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