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GS.4.7 causing issues?

xactoxacto Posts: 146Member
edited November -1 in Tech Support
Strange.... I just opened my game that I am creating called StarFire and it looks like things have gone a little wacky. When I play it, actors no longer are in the position on where I programed them. Has there been any changes that would cause a project to not fully functional after the latest update?


  • xactoxacto Posts: 146Member
    If you play it, you will notice that the Info Bar (where all the stats are ect) start from the top and moves to the bottom. This should start on the bottom and move up. Also, during the games into screen the blue graphic with steaks should increase in size, instead it shrinks.

    It looks like everything is opposite on what is should be.

    I also went back on older versions of the game and this still occurs.
  • TobyToby Posts: 478Member
    Are you keeping iterations of your game? I find saving incremental versions as you make major changes is the best approach 001 > 002 > 003 etc. I can always go back if I lost something while editing later revisions. Working with a single game file is probably not the best approach from a redundancy perspective. I assume you are using Time Machine to archive your data anyway?
  • xactoxacto Posts: 146Member
    Yes, I went back on older versions of the game and it still occurs. There was something changed in the plug-in code that has messed things up. (or maybe I should say; my sloppy programing may have messed things up after the update. :))
  • xactoxacto Posts: 146Member
    Ok, been playing around to see if I can figure things out... here is what is what is happening:

    It looks like all my current scenes "screen sizes" are acting strange. I have an actor placed on the bottom (grey area, so it is hidden) with a script that tells the actor to move into position a few pixels ABOVE where it is at. When I run it, the actor moves jumps to the very TOP of the page and moves DOWN. (it is like the screen is mirroring)

    However if I create a NEW scene and place that same actor on the bottom in the grey area - every thing works like it is suppose to.

    Has the new update changed some variable (or new commands?) on the screen? Do I have to recreate all my scenes to work?
  • JGary321JGary321 Posts: 1,246Member
    Not sure if this will do anything, but play with the scene wrap under the attributes. I had to adjust mine with the new update. Hope this helps, but not sure if it will.
  • xactoxacto Posts: 146Member
    Ok....seems like I am talking to myself.... but if anyone else has the same problem, this will help.

    I found out what is going on!!!!

    It looks like with the latest version of GS somehow turned the WRAP option "ON" on all of my scenes that were created with the older version. (it looks like it is defaulted to "off" if you create a NEW scene from scratch)

    So I had to go into each scene and turn this option off. So not really a bug, but a change in attributes that were changed with the update. Ok, now I can sleep better.
  • xactoxacto Posts: 146Member
    JGary - It looks like you just typed the same solution as I was writing... where were you a few hours ago! (just kidding, :)
  • JGary321JGary321 Posts: 1,246Member
    hahah, sorry bro I was at work. =)

    I tried though =)

    But don't you feel good now that you figured it out yourself?? Look at the bright side hehe
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