Escape from Laville NO.6 in UK PAID APP CHART

JamesLewisJamesLewis Member, PRO Posts: 109
Well it appears that adventure games are in fashion at the moment.

Escape from Laville no.6 in uk paid app chart. Any word from the devs? I'm assuming this is a Gamesalad app. I'd love to hear a little background.

Must be making LOTS of money!

Do tell... Always inspiring to hear another success story.



  • SAZ_1SAZ_1 Member Posts: 397
    yea they are making lots of money and it is made with GS ... the dev posted on another thread about his game somewhere here (probably in the announce you game section) ... i hope GS release the loading optimisation soon because the games getting slated by users for having long load times which i feel may be negative for them but they are doing well and best of luck to them!
  • 3xL3xL Member Posts: 676
    Actually and surprisingly adventure games aren't hot "at the moment", they've always been. Lol

    They must be making good money. That's great. Money is a great motivator.
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