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Full Game Art Development (Post Budget)

AdamoInteractiveAdamoInteractive Posts: 4Member
Hey Forum,
Reread the rules of advertisment and i'm back.
I am an experienced 'Games Art Developer', whos had a bit too much free time on his hands lately and as a result have decided to put myself up for hire. As mentioned in the title I will create ALL of the Art for your game, the time frame depends on the game - If it is a platformer or something of the sort, then it should take 7 Days, If it is a 'Secret of Grisly Manor' game - then it may take slightly longer.
Anyway here are a few samples:

A Vegeta:

Level + Character select screen

A Level + Some Character frames for a 2D Portal-like game:

Logo for a Game:

Background for a platformer:

Parallax Scrolling background for Platformer:

Another logo:

If you are not satisfied with samples, Ill make a mockup sprite for your game.


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