No more promo codes from me in future and why...

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More than once, I've thanked someone for their promo code, tried to redeem it and it had already been taken. On one occasion, the developer didn't have any " I've taken suchandsuch" yet all of the codes were taken.

When I gave out promo codes for my first app a week or so ago, I asked politely if anyone who took a code, if they could let me know which one (and insinuated you didn't even have to say "thanks" or "cheers"). Two people let me know which ones they took, thanks - I've seen today that at least 8 others have been redeemed without any "notification". (By the way, I'm not talking about those people I gave a particular code to, just the 12 codes I posted on the Forum).

I'm a bit peeved - for other people as well - I'm not going to give out any promo codes as a block on the forums in future for any other apps I make, I'll ask people to email me if they want one. That way I can keep track of which ones have been used and not have any "wasted" so I can have more for marketing aspects. So in a way, some thoughtless or slightly selfish people have spoilt it for others.

Perhaps it doesn't worry you, but that's the way I feel. What do you think; maybe I'm over-reacting or do you see my point?

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