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No more promo codes from me in future and why...

gyroscopegyroscope I am here.Posts: 6,577Member, Sous Chef, PRO
More than once, I've thanked someone for their promo code, tried to redeem it and it had already been taken. On one occasion, the developer didn't have any " I've taken suchandsuch" yet all of the codes were taken.

When I gave out promo codes for my first app a week or so ago, I asked politely if anyone who took a code, if they could let me know which one (and insinuated you didn't even have to say "thanks" or "cheers"). Two people let me know which ones they took, thanks - I've seen today that at least 8 others have been redeemed without any "notification". (By the way, I'm not talking about those people I gave a particular code to, just the 12 codes I posted on the Forum).

I'm a bit peeved - for other people as well - I'm not going to give out any promo codes as a block on the forums in future for any other apps I make, I'll ask people to email me if they want one. That way I can keep track of which ones have been used and not have any "wasted" so I can have more for marketing aspects. So in a way, some thoughtless or slightly selfish people have spoilt it for others.

Perhaps it doesn't worry you, but that's the way I feel. What do you think; maybe I'm over-reacting or do you see my point?

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