CHOOSE ONE: Regarding Game File Size

AppFueledAppFueled Member Posts: 308
I started a new post to clarify since the last post may have been a little vague along with the subject line.

Please choose one. Which one will most accurately reflect the size of my game in the App store?

1) Inside Gamesalad, my game is 16 mb

2) The size of my binary, unzipped is 27 mb

3) The size of my binary, zipped is 24 mb

My guess is #1. This is based off of my first and only game I have submitted to the App Store. The GS file size for that game was 12.6 mb and the binary was 19mb. The game is currently in the app store at 13 mb.

Do you agree or is there something I am overlooking?


  • calvin9403calvin9403 Member Posts: 3,186
    I think number2 , because an ipa file has the unzipped file inside

    and apple add some things to it, so maybe even more then that
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