Offering my services in logo and stationary design completely FREE of charge



  • PhiliePhilie PRO Posts: 240
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    Barry does amazing work, very nice, very fast, very reliable - I highly suggest him if you ever need a logo, and I know whenever I need a logo.. he is the man I will go to! Thanks again Barry!

    My logo:
  • Bar Up GamesBar Up Games Member Posts: 35
    Can I have one? My company is called BarUpGames.
    Email me at
  • GraphicWarehouseGraphicWarehouse Member Posts: 927
    if you could put like a firefox tail on my mjm eagle's wings and kind of revamp it I could help you with some code
  • MegapixelIdeasMegapixelIdeas Member, PRO Posts: 476
    Hey Barry,

    Please contact me at and we can talk about a logo that I would like designed. I appreciate you doing this for free. As you mentioned, you are doing this to build up your portfolio in order to move onto the paid work. If I like your designes, possibly we could move into a paid business relationship.
  • blorschblorsch Member Posts: 248
    Could you make one for me, my studio name in Couch Potato Games

    email me at
  • tatiangtatiang Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Senior Sous-Chef Posts: 11,926
    Just going to note that Barry is actually going on his honeymoon almost as we speak (woohoo!) so he likely won't be responding to these requests for some time.

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  • theCodeMonsterstheCodeMonsters Member Posts: 359
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    Go Check out my Progress on GSBot!
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  • morphinegamingmachinemorphinegamingmachine Member, PRO Posts: 449
    Hey guys thanks for your interest. So far I'm about halfway through the first batch - we're getting married in three weeks and I kind of underestimated how much of my free time would be absorbed with the last minute planning etc!

    What I'll have to say is that for now @tatiang will be the cutoff point, as I need to get on top of the requests I already have before I work out how many more I can take on. I will send some emails out to the rest of the guys above that I haven't contacted yet, but sorry to anyone else I won't be taking any more free jobs on for the foreseeable future.

    Thanks, Barry.


    haha thanks for reading through the posts guys.
  • Bilzo12Bilzo12 Member Posts: 70
    edited April 2012
    Hey everyone Barry could you please make me a logo my groups name is B.O.M thanks

    Email me at

    I know your getting married and I know you said your done with free but I'm asking please please do one more for me I'm having trouble designing a half decent logo and my game is almost complete

    Thank you and you have awesome art.
  • PolarPolar Removed Posts: 35
    Hi I want a logo but i don't want to say the name for now but can you email me at
  • BarrytheBraveBarrytheBrave Member Posts: 134
    Hey guys, well it's been over two months of solid work and I've finally managed to get all of the logo jobs complete! Thanks to everyone who got their requests in nice and early, I've managed to deliver logos to dozens of happy clients (I had a LOAD of requests via private messages as well as the ones in this thread).

    As I mentioned earlier though I have now had to call and end to it - I'm still getting requests via private message, and I've now got so many that if I were to do them all I'd be working for free for at least another year!

    So I'm really sorry to all of you that didn't get a free logo, I really had no idea how many requests I would get!

    Now that I've got all of the logos done I have to say I'm going to be hanging up my graphics tablet for a while - spending so long doing only graphics has made me realise that even though I do enjoy it, I think my true passion lies in actually creating my own games. So for the foreseeable future I am going to be concentrating on making my own games, but I really appreciate the opportunity you all gave me to get some hands-on graphics experience.

    Thanks, and all the best in your future projects, Barry.
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