Introducing NuclearJelly! *fanfare*

NuclearJellyNuclearJelly Member Posts: 4
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Whats up guys? I think a Canadian kid doesn't stand a chance of making it in the app market. I dare everybody to prove me wrong. All of you.


  • KillerPenguinStudiosKillerPenguinStudios Member Posts: 1,291
    Okay, I am so confused right now as I think everyone else will be as well. :-??

    image killerpenguins image
  • ARandomDayARandomDay Member, PRO Posts: 124
    Wrong prove you, now theres some down up!

    - potatoes ?

    (There a post with as much coherence as Mr Jelly above!)
  • CloudsClouds Member Posts: 1,599
  • MotherHooseMotherHoose Member Posts: 2,456
    We know a great Canadian Kid who does just that!
    We don't dare him … but we do hold him dear in our hearts!

    between the Canadian and FryingBacon and Jelly and Potatoes … I just realized I missed my breakfast!

    unclear Nuclear … please explain …
    or if this your GS Announcement of your presence: … Greetings and Welcome!

    @};- MH
  • NuclearJellyNuclearJelly Member Posts: 4
    I apologize for the nonsensical post. It was written by a very sleepy me last night. Sorry everyone. But yes, I am here, ready to make the games!
  • MotherHooseMotherHoose Member Posts: 2,456
    no need to apologize … we all make silly posts … and we all like to have a laugh!

    you go do the GettingStarted in the Cookbook … and watch some of the start-up videos
    (good to have GS open and pause the vids while you try out their how-to and tips)

    and have fun and play a lot! … this is your epic AdventureJourney to making great games!

    @};- MH
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