Nice to meet you all :)

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My name is Nelson Diaz and i´m from Dominican Reublic. I´ve joined gamesalad yesterday because i feel like i need to be part of this forum, is such a good place to learn, teach and know people that want to make what many of us call "The dream project", and that is making our own game.

I have several weeks seeing the forums (like a stalker :3) and i like to thank ALL of you for all the help you gave me. I´ve been thinking and planing making games since i was like 13 years (lol i know every kid at that age wants that, but hey, i was thinking in a real good game not just for myself). I have like 3 notebooks full of ideas that i keept during all this years, and i think is time to make those words, pictures and numbers come to life.

I work with Adobe Illustrator since like 5 years now, so if a can help you guys in something you now know where to contact me :). I know other programs like Blender,3D studio,Anime Studio and adobe´s suit but illustrator is my main.

OH, btw i dont have a mac right now :(, but I'm planning to buy one in the coming months.

Hope to see you guys later :) and sorry for the long post.

Have a nice day/night.



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