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App SurgeApp Surge Posts: 651Member
Hey guys,
As I near the release of my game, it's time I work on a promo video.
I know there are many talented GameSalad users, and I was wondering if someone who is great at video effects could make me a promo video?

If you're interested please email your resume to [email protected] or post below.


NOTE: I've tried this before and got a video that was made in iMovie. I could've done that myself! Please make sure that you can add effects that are NOT capable of being done in iMovie :)

Also, this is PAID.


  • FallacyStudiosFallacyStudios Posts: 970Member
    I second this. If you want another Paid Video Design job email me at [email protected]
  • App SurgeApp Surge Posts: 651Member
    Just a little bump for anyone who's missed this.
  • UnicornInvasionUnicornInvasion Posts: 301Member
    I would do it but I am not the best! And I thin someone amazing will walk buy and see this and be like, Oh I can do this and I will do it 4,000 times better than UnicornInvasion! But I do have Final Cut Express so I could give it a try!
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