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Atlanta game developer meetup and trade show

titostitos Posts: 41Member
edited March 2012 in Conferences and Events
I go to those meetups once in a white, it's pretty interesting to share with other peoples that have the same interest that you have. Not much gamesalad developers beside me. But if you come, you might find some interesting peoples. And you can alway's talk about GS, maybe some will see the advantage of GS and will start to use it. Maybe one day a meetup in Atlanta with just GS developpers.
You need to be a member to know the location. Registration on the website is free.

A meetup for local game developers to network, share ideas, showcase projects, test out new lectures or anything else that catches our eye. Stay informed about local game development studios, schools, seminars and conferences.

The meetup is open to any developer (pro, indie, hobby) and any students currently involved in a game development program. Any discipline is welcome (design, programming, art, sound, project management, etc.)


Also there is that major event every year for game developpers called SIEGE. Maybe GS will have a presence there one day?

Take a look at previous years programs and speakers, it's a fantastic weekend.

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