Molyjam Meet-Up For Game Saladiers (USA, UK, AUS, CANADA)

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Hi everyone,

There is a worldwide gamejam happening March 30th - April 1st, and it could be used as a good meet up event for this forum.

I'm currently organising the London based event here:
But there are plenty of other places doing it that you can find here:

If you haven't heard of what Molyjam is it's a game jam where people will attempt to make the games of the Peter Molyneux parody account @petermolydeux. The account suggests ideas such as "A game in which you must comfort children on a plane who are afraid of flying, game mechanic is similar to spinning plates", or "What if bullet time existed during moments such as your child dropping an ice cream, you have to leap and stop it spoiling your nice carpet?"

I expect plenty of people to be using Gamesalad to make there games, also you're welcome to lend a hand if you're interested.


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