ZNAKE HD - Multiplayer fun! - Coming to appstore this week

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Hello there everyone!

My name is Fredrik. Im 15 years old and comes from Sweden. I have developed games with Gamesalad for about an half year. The graphics is also made by me.

First off all i want to thank everyone on the forum for all help I got under the development of this game . I also want to thank gamesalad for the making an awsome developing tool. Without gamesalad this game had never been able to come out.

I have just been submited my game called ZNAKE. As you can see on the name its inspired by the classic snake game. I have worked on this project since the beginning of 2012 but i haven't had time or managed to work with it since i got many bugs in the game i couldn't fix.

Here are one snapshot of the game:


Become the king of your friends!

Play up to four players
Play up to four player on the same screen. Choose between four diffrent colors to play with. No need for more devices!

Simple controls
Its easy for everyone to understand the controls. A game for all ages. To be the king of this game you need to have quick reflexes,cleaver tactics and great precision.

Classic or Arcade?
You choose. Arcade is with power-ups and classic is without power-ups!

*Each player start by choosing their own color
*Use the on screen buttons to stear left or right
*Avoid the other to be the last player to survive
*The the player with most points wins the game

*Play up to four player on your iPad
*Six diffrent powerups: Slowmo, Fastmoo, Bighole, Warp and Destroy + One secret!
*Accurate controls
*Fast gameplay - No time for rest!
*Arcade mode - With powerups!
*Classic - The classic without powerups.
*Choose if you want to play with points or time

And don't forget - Have fun!

Feel free to give me some feedback about the game so I can improve the game in future updates. And post a comment if you want a promo code to be one of the first to test the game!


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