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Error on Password for Keystore

YamasotoYamasoto Member, PRO Posts: 75

I'm doing tests for to publish my "The Police Story" on Android platforms. I'm Android developer, and I have installed SDK package (with GameSalad instructions) on my Mac.

I open GameSalad project, and when I want to publish the game on Android platform I have a problem. On second step, all values are ok, but GameSalad never accept the "Password for Keystore". And I'm sure that it's ok.
I have doing a differents "keystore" files, and the Password never is accepted. I don't understand wich is the problem...

I'm following step by step the GameSalad tutorial. When I create the Keystore on Terminal, terminal says that is ok. But after I have the password problem.

I hope your recomendation... :-(


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