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olster1olster1 Posts: 396Member
edited March 2012 in Announce Your Game!

An original idea? No, Don't Drop The Soap inspired me.
How long did it take? About a week every day after college.
Why? To see what sales are like for holiday themed games.
Is it fun? It's a good laugh, you could spend 69p on worse pork scratchings....
You spelt multiplier wrong? My game, my rules.... and also spellings... (Due to unorganised folders I also lost the raw files so it's no easily editable)
Is it coming to iOS? Of course, waiting for review.
I want to buy the rights to this game, how much? I will accept no less than $4,000 in one dollar bills.

In all seriousness though buy it if you think it looks good and want to support me. Leave a review and tell your friend if your feeling extra nice. But at the very least just tweet this.....10 times........a day.

Also please follow and like the following to keep updated.!/PezziniGames


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