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game center problem

okpcokpc Posts: 53Member
hi all, i'm new.
i have a problem with the apple-app review.
my app was rejected as this reason:
2.3"We found that Game Center has been enabled for your app but there are no Game Center features within the app."

i had put a "postscore" & a "showscore" button on the highscore page with the "Pro-gamecenter" behaviors.
and tested it in the iOS-viewer. it seen worked and showed "game center score test" pop-up.
and i had setup a score-broad in the iT-Connect and enabled it in the game detail page.
now i don't know what is missing or doing wrong.
can give me some suggestion?

another question is, when i use game salad to publishing my game. i don't find a place to edit Custom Splash Screens in step2-advanced options( i'm a Pro-user).

thanks you for help.

Best Answer

  • JohnPapiomitisJohnPapiomitis Posts: 6,256Member
    Accepted Answer
    When you publish, youll see an advanced options tab. Inside there at the bottom right, youll see the place to insert your splash screen.


  • okpcokpc Posts: 53Member
    1) yes, i did it.
    2) i had not do it, i will try it this time ^^!
    3) yes, it show "Version 0.9.91beta and License: Pro", but i still don't found splash screen option.

    thanks very much for reply my questions!
  • okpcokpc Posts: 53Member
    i have take a photo. do you meaning this?
    thanks you for reply ^__^!
  • okpcokpc Posts: 53Member
    thanks tshirtbooth nice reply!
    hello TheNegroMario, i have to concentrate on the game-center setting first, i will feedback after that. thanks~
  • okpcokpc Posts: 53Member
    hi, i am testing my game on iTunes now.
    the game center ask me to use a sandbox account. i can view the leader board now.
    but no scores was show in the board after i had post my score form my button with "post behaviors".
    i did follow the tutorial on youtube. how can i post my scores?
  • okpcokpc Posts: 53Member
    hi, i can see my score on the board now.
    but it seen so much delate. i see it after 4 hours i post it...
    is it normal ?...
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