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Glossy icon???

Fredrik BixoFredrik Bixo Posts: 239Member
Hello there!

I have just submitted my new game called doodle pong to iTunes connect. But a short time after I submitted it I saw that it had a glossy icon in iTunes connect. I know there is a Bug in iTunes connect that show a glossy icon even if it isn’t. But I also forgot to uncheck the"use glossy icon" under the advanced tab when I published it with Gamesalad. My question is will the icon be glossy on the Appstore when it comes out, or is it just the downloaded app that has it? And under the binary tab in iTunes connect it says: prerendered icon flag: true. So will my app be glossy on Appstore?

Please answer me fast so I can reject the binary and submit a new one to Appstore :)
Sorry if I explained this bad for you :D


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