My 2nd app now on app store; FREE!!!!

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My new game, Klinko, was just released two days ago to the app store, after one full day on the app store total sales are at 0.
My first app, i will admit, was a piece of junk, but it even got 7 sales on day one. So I decided to make my new app free for a day or two so hopefully it will get enough reviews to have a rating, but I'm going to need some help from a forum with some amazing people, who over the past year continue to surprise me with their abnormally high amount of generosity.
So if you guys could take a few minutes to try my game, and leave a quick review, I would be very grateful.

App is only for IPOD touch at the moment:


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    App is listed for all devices … minmum iOS 4
    so that is good!

    Description is wordy and not easy to read
    try to put it in adCopy rather than formal English

    ask your family and friends to download … download it yourself!
    and they do not have to have the device.

    I will download …
    but as a consumer:
    so many intense sunburst backgrounds on the screenshots … hurt my eyes
    and detract from the actual content of the app
    (when I peer closely, I see that the sunburst are muted and attractive in the game screens)

    think you will have to do some promotional things …

    image MH
  • FloridaGamesFloridaGames Member Posts: 328
    Thanks MH, thats a lot of of great advice! I'll be sure make those changes soon.
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