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physics overload?

pinata14pinata14 Posts: 150Member
edited March 2012 in Working with GS (Mac)
hey guys, so i have 2 actors that are identical (the same actor). when the mouse is pressed they spawn missiles that are also identical (the same actor). however one of the missiles always glitches when it moves and goes slower than the other and jumps positions and acts like its lagging, and sometimes it freezes up and disappears later........ what is wrong? i cant figure it out except maybe the physics engine cant handle 2 at once? oh yea and also the movement type is accelerate this way first, then accelerate toawrds 0,0


  • pinata14pinata14 Posts: 150Member
    ok, how should i send it to you?
  • pinata14pinata14 Posts: 150Member
    oh, sorry i sent it to [email protected]
    Resending and thanks for the help
  • pinata14pinata14 Posts: 150Member
    wow thanks for the advice! i couldn't figure out how to use the particles before but i love the new update's new particle behavior.
    good luck with all your current projects T!
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