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I know this question keeps coming up and I promise I've read the previous threads I could find on this. I have an actor that has self.rotation=0 and when touch is pressed rotate clockwise at speed 50. When you stop pressing on the actor, I have it interpolate self.rotation back to 0. So it basically swings clockwise, with self.rotation being either 360-->310 or 0-->-50. I want the player to only be able to swing the actor 50 degrees (to 310 or -50). But when I try to constrain with min/max, it doesn't work.

Is there a way to do this?

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    I think rules might be the way to go...

    If touch is pressed

    ---new rule with "All" selected...
    ---self.rotation is greater than or equal to -50
    ---and less than or equal to 0
    ---rotate clockwise

    ---new rule with "All" selected...
    ---self.rotation is greater than 310
    ---and rotation is less than or equal to 360
    ---rotate clockwise

    Otherwise rotate to 0

    I didn't use interpolate. I just used the "Rotate" and "Rotate to Angle" behaviors.


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