Spawns appear in same position twice even though Im "rule-ing" against it. Please help!

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Hey Guys

I have 3 random spawn spots (in table data) I've used Tshirtbooths method to, all good so far, until I was getting constant spawns in the same place, I reffered to Tshirtbooths "Random numbers without repeating" tutorial but I can't seem to get it to work with my logic. Please give me a hand! I need for the spawns to not give the same value twice!

Here is a link to my behaviors, hopefully you'll understand, as I've used 2 of booths tutorials in guidance.


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    We need some more information, such as what is game.Total... and is that effected by the spawning actors? Assuming its not, I still have some questions.


    If New Random = Old Random
    Then change Spawn Point to a random number between 1 and 3.

    From what we're given here, New Random and Old Random are not affected by this change (unless you have a constrain attribute somewhere that you don't show us).

    Also, from this point of view, it looks like Old Random is changed to be what New Random is after New Random has already changed. Normally, you would change Old Random to New Random first so that after, you can change New Random to whatever you want without it changing everything.

    My main question is, how does Spawn Point affect New Random and Old Random?
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