Possible 0.9.92 issue? Problem with triggering rules

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I hope it is not a stupid mistake on my part, but it seems that .9.92 introduce a change/bug in what/when rules are triggered. I have seen it in several different scenarios but here is a simple one (project file).

This one is a basic page up/down logic - but for some strange reason (or a mistake on my part...) it behave in a very strange way:
1. If I click DOWN and than UP, UP will not work
2. If I click UP and than DOWN, UP will work and DOWN will work, but once I get back to page 1 UP might not work (especially if I clicked on DOWN twice
3. If I click UP several times, DOWN and UP will work until I get to 1 - If I click twice on DOWN when at 1, UP will no longer work.

The rules looks simple, but does not seem to work. I tried several scenarios, this is just one of them.

For some reason I have a feeling it might be a silly mistake on my part. Any assistant will be appreciated!


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    Hey Gabby ,
    The problem is not with triggering rules , the problem is with the "Touch is released"
    See , touch is released is not working as one expect it to work , The way you (and the rest of us) expect it to work is that when you press an actor , and then lift your finger up , now trigger the event , AND THEN STOP ! BUT! in real life , the trigger "Touch is released" stays ON up until the point that you press that specific actor again , this fact sometimes causes confusion as to why rules are being triggered again and again even if i did not press that actor and released touch , thats happening mostly when wrapping the "touch is released" rule inside a different rule , say a boolean , and when that boolean goes true , the touch is released inside it triggers again even if you didn't pressed that actor , cause like i said , once you triggered "Released" once , it stays on until you press that actor again (then when you release touch it stays on again;) )

    The simplest way to see it with your own eyes is to make an actor , put in it a rule :
    When touch is released :
    Display text (any text)

    Drag it to the scene , and see that once you release touch from that actor , it is displaying text forever (at least until you press it again) , meaning the trigger stays ON .
    I hope that makes sense ..

    Now that i explained how it works , ill explain whats happening in your project:
    when you press "down" you reduce 1 from the value only when the value is more than 1.
    Now say the value is 2 , and you press it again , the value is now 1 , and here is when the problem is occurring :
    Like we said the value is now 1 , and if you hit the "UP" button , you basically change it to 2
    BUT WAIT ! remember we said the "touch is released" stays ON all the time , so what happening now is that the "Down" button triggers !
    touch is released is on - ✔
    Value more than 1 (its 2)- ✔
    It reduces it back to 1 !

    All this happening so fast that it looks like a bug !

    Now a way to avoid it , and i recommend doing this with ANY touch is release event is to make a boolean ,
    when touch is released - change "make event" to TRUE

    Now a new rule:
    when "self.make event" IS true
    Do bla bla bla
    Change "self.make event" TO false .

    This way it will work the right way !

    Note that if you use integers you can accidentally go to the negatives numbers , therefore , when using events like changing pages , its best to use "index" so that the minimum value is 0 !

    Hope it will help you ;)

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