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** how to link to another app on Google Play from inside app? **

jorkosjorkos Posts: 352Member, PRO
Hey guys, I want to link to one of my apps on Google Play from inside another app on Android. I am looking at the directions here: found at the bottom of this post. If I just use open URL: market://details? will that work? Has anyone done this? I know how to link to it on the web but i'd like to connect to it inside the market. Thanks for the help!


Opening the app details page from your Android app

To open the Google Play details page from your application, create an intent with the ACTION_VIEW action and include a data URI in this format:


For example, here's how you can create an intent and open an application's details page in Google Play:

Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW);
This will open the Google Play application on the device to view the application.


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