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Greetings everyone. I have a level up bar that states that once you reach the score of = 100, it resets back to zero.
Sometimes, you might get more than one point at a time, allowing you to get 101 points, or 102, etc.

If I make it so that if the score is equals to or greater than 100, go back to zero, it doesn't work and will never go back to zero no matter your score, it could be 300 which is clearly more than 100 but nothing will happen.

It I make it so that if the score is equals to 100, go back to zero, it DOES work.

I don't understand why GameSalad gets confused, how can I fix this?

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    hmm when score is greater then or equal to 100 should work

    I can take a look at the project if youd like.


  • TheMenOfHonorTheMenOfHonor Member Posts: 147
    Actually, I JUST found out what was wrong. Apparently ">" That is greater than? I though this"<" was greater than.

    Well, I won't argue with GameSalad, but if I use ">" it will do it once the score is greater than the one I wrote down.
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    Yep > is greater then and < is less then. Thats how it is in all math. And > with the line under it is greater then or equal too.
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