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Front Ad

scribblstudiosscribblstudios Posts: 118Member
edited March 2012 in Working with GS (Mac)
I've looked at one of my friend's apps, and I noticed that before the splash screen, there's this huge ad. (He's not a pro user). For my game, I don't want that ad, but I don't mind a GS splash screen. Is that possible with out a pro membership?


  • diverdowndesignsdiverdowndesigns Posts: 25Member
    I believe that you can revert back to the version of GameSalad that uses the GS splash, but that version doesn't allow for a custom splash screen.
  • scribblstudiosscribblstudios Posts: 118Member
    True, but that means I can't use newer features.
  • scribblstudiosscribblstudios Posts: 118Member
    I guess I'll just buy the pro version. I've been trying to wait until I've already made some money though. How many apps did it get you guys to get to $300?
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