Is free to play the way to go?

PixelPunPixelPun Member Posts: 324
I'm almost finished with my game and I am planning on buying GS pro before I release it. I am planning to add some achievements and twitter, but my but question is about paid content. What is the experience for you guys on releasing a game at .99 compared to say a free version where you get 25% of the game then pay .99 for the rest of it? I'm sure there are a ton more downloads of the free one... but how many of those convert to paying customers?



  • PixelPunPixelPun Member Posts: 324
    Yeah... My game is for iPad and for .99 I think it's worth it, but I don't know if buyers would feel the same. I have gotten a lot of positive feedback about the game from people who have played it. I think that I am just going to release it for .99 cause I buy games all the time for .99 and even if it isn't that good I don't feel cheated...
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