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How to make a specific actor stick to the screen movement?

williamt2706williamt2706 Posts: 85Member, PRO
I'm on my way making my first game.
I'm making sidescrolling game, and i got my "main" actor a camera control and of course the camera will move wherever this actor go. But how do i make the health bar or item button stick to the screen wherever the main actor move? because they always get left behind . . . thx for your concern

sorry my bad english . .

Best Answer

  • MotherHooseMotherHoose Posts: 2,456Member
    Accepted Answer
    use a new layer for items that do not scroll … that always show in the scene

    Inspector > Scene > Layers [+] … to add newLayer
    click once on that newLayer … uncheck Scrollable … tap the enterKey … type in HUD
    drag that layer above the Background one
    drag your health/item into that layer

    HUD is Heads Up Display:

    watch: Weswog HUD how-to video

    image MH


  • williamt2706williamt2706 Posts: 85Member, PRO
    thx a lot . . that will come in handy . .

    I've download lots of your tutorial on youtube, but i still haven't get this one . . many thx :)
  • williamt2706williamt2706 Posts: 85Member, PRO
    thx, problem solved . . But here come another one . . . How to make a "spawn" actor into sidescrolling layer?
    I can't drag it to sidescrolling layer, since the layer didn't appear on scene layer. Except i drag it into the screen, but it wouldn't becoma a "spawn" actor anymore if i drop it to the scene . . .
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