Newby Artist looking for work expirience.

SimtasticSimtastic Member Posts: 18
Hello everybody,
I'm looking for any kind of art work to get more experience on game design/etc and to fill my meaningless free time.
I'm honest, cheerful person with too much of free time at my hand, who can't make myself do the work, unless i'm asked to.
I like challenge and most of all providing something what would mean something to others, or would make them happy.
I give my all to any kind of art task i do for other people.
I'm NOT asking for a pay at the moment for my work, because i'm here to gain more experience.

That's a lot of "I"

My somewhat of a portfolio:
(Remember to check the folders on the left side, and my scrapbook on the upper side left.
Most of them are old work, i apologies for the cr"###ness in advance.
I'm best at realistic works and speed painting.

Feel free to contact me at:


  • greengluegreenglue PRO Posts: 52
    Very nice! It's pixel art right? Just not that pixel-ish. I may be interested... Please contact me at for more info.
  • MotherHooseMotherHoose Member Posts: 2,456
    @Simtastic … like your work … nice and dark … and exciting!

    now I will have to start another project … to make use your original technique! @-)

    image MH
  • SimtasticSimtastic Member Posts: 18
    @Simtastic … like your work … nice and dark … and exciting!

    now I will have to start another project … to make use your original technique! @-)

    image MH
    You make it sound like i'm in to gothic : ( ( ( but i like bright things too! :D Just that they usually end up to be night and dark. :)))

  • ZoytZoyt Member Posts: 374
    Wow! Awsome! Why did you think it was bad? It's sure better than I could do in pixel art. However, I don't think I'll ask for your assistance yet... I don't have a project going on, and I think people making more sophisticated games would enjoy your work. I would just like to give a quick tip: When you get around to selling your work, I suggest that you put game art in the examples along with your full scenes.
    Like it!
  • SimtasticSimtastic Member Posts: 18
    @Zoyt well that's why i'm here, i haven't really done much of game designs : ( so there isn't really much to show.
  • BSideGamesBSideGames Member Posts: 392
    email sent
  • arkonllfarkonllf Member Posts: 118
    Love your art! Email sent :)>-
  • LiquidGameworksLiquidGameworks Anchorage, AKMember, Sous Chef Posts: 956
    I didn't see any pixel art...

    What I did see was a nice collection of deeply textured dark imagery. I wouldn't be too concerned with keeping yourself cheap. If you can do the work, then you're really not a noob. The real difference in art from full scene to game design, is you just need to think of most things as moving parts in a whole. If you can do the work and do it timely, then charge what you're worth. I'll wish you the best of luck. Make sure to get half up front! :)
  • SimtasticSimtastic Member Posts: 18
    @LiquidGameworks There is no pixel art, because i've never done any pixel art, but i'm doing some right now, so i will upload it to DA soon. And i'm kinda am i noob, because i seriously haven't been drawing much, let's just say i got skill which runs in my family, but at the moment i'm the only one who is thinking of seriously use it. And thank you for advice, i will definitely use it, and when i got enough of work experience, then i will take to another level : )
  • SimtasticSimtastic Member Posts: 18
    Thank you, everyone! For your responds and time, however i'm sad to say, that at the moment it looks like i have my schedules filled up for the time being.
    It happened a lot sooner than i would've expected., I'm thankful for all the emails, and will be working on them.

    Kind Regards, Simtastic.

  • itwebsolutionitwebsolution Member Posts: 40
    Wow, your work looks great! I am really impressed and might have a few projects that could benefit from your style!
  • tenrdrmertenrdrmer Member, Sous Chef, Senior Sous-Chef Posts: 9,934
    Keep an eye for an email from me. I may be starting a project that I would like you to take a look at.

  • SimtasticSimtastic Member Posts: 18
    Taking no more orders, i have like booked for a month forward.
    If someone can close this thread, that would be awesome!
    Thanks in advance.
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