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Is there a way to give away some free copies of your app once its published?

TWEAmazingAppsTWEAmazingApps Posts: 219Member
Hi, i was wondering if my game was to be approved and published in the itunes store, is there a way to give away some copies for free to specific people? Thanks!

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  • EatingMyHatEatingMyHat Posts: 1,246Member
    edited April 2012 Accepted Answer
    Just to add to that, don't just take the 50 all at once. Take only as much as you need (you can always take the rest).

    The reason is that the codes expire 30 days after you get them.

    BTW - this post belongs on the marketing section and not on Working with GS...

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  • mynameisacemynameisace Hull, UKPosts: 2,484Member
    Apple give you promo codes that you can give to review sites, friends, family etc to get the app free of charge.

  • steve86steve86 Posts: 806Member
    edited April 2012
    Hey there.

    As @mynameisace suggested you can get promocodes and here is how you get them.

    Go to itunes connect > Manage your apps > select the app you want to receive promo codes > click View details (below the game icon ) > click promo codes on the right corner > input how many you want apple to send you you have 50 per version > then apple will email those to you and you can start giving them away.

    They can be redeemed in the appstore app in the in the featured section scroll all the way down and select redeem.

    hope that helps 
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