Hey guys.. Quick question about Google Play "Cancelled Orders"

SparkyidrSparkyidr Member Posts: 2,033
Just a quick one to pick some of your brains.

Whilst the Google Play store hasn't been anywhere near as good sales-wise as the Amazon app store, I still put a couple of games up there recently.

My question is kind of aimed at anyone who has apps up there really.....but

Every day I get quite a lot of notifications from google telling me about cancelled orders. Some of these are because the payment method was refused , but some are "cancelled by user".

My question is... when CAN this cancellation take place?
Is it just a user not carrying out the final steps of the order? Or can a user cancel after they have already had the .apk devivered to their phone or email?

Just seem to be getting at least 10 a day is all....anyone had a similar experience (i.e. is this normal) ;)



  • mynameisacemynameisace Hull, UKMember Posts: 2,484
    I had an app on the Android store over a year ago and used to get these every day. I think Android users can try an app for so long and then cancel the payment if I remember rightly.

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