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Publish Paid Android Application from a country with no supported market

ThemistoklesVThemistoklesV Posts: 138Member, PRO
Hello gurus,

i have a questuion for you experts..... Now tha i have finished my game i would like to publish it @ android market (google play) but unfortunately my country dosnt have android market for paid applications/games..... i could published free, but i already have a lite version created .....

Is there any way to bypass the procedure and publish my game @ android market in another way ??

Thanks in advance....

Best Answer

  • MarkOnTheIronMarkOnTheIron Posts: 1,447Member
    Accepted Answer
    Unfortunately you can't bypass this problem. The only solution would be if you knew someone in a country supported by Google Play that could give you his personal infos and banking account to use (but I see it very unlikely). Or you can use a publisher or someone that you trust enough to publish your apps and give you your share of the revenue.


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