What is the best to make money honestly?

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Hi, GS dudes.
I am curious what the best way to make money is between "iAd", "Kiip", and "Play Haeven". Some of my apps have been rejected because of Play Haeven before, so I am afraid to be rejected again with Play Haeven. What about income between these three? And I guess that I can not use 2 or 3 of them in an app, isn't it? Plus, I am curious that Apple allows the other way except iAd.


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    iAds make next to nothing and we haven't had Kiip and Playhaven long enough to really get an accurate projection. Plus, it all depends on the app. Angry Birds would make tens of thousands off them, if you have an app selling 1 or 2 a day, adding it free with ads is't going to make any difference.

    Play Haven games will not get rejected on a free game. If you are showing ads on a paid game, then you will get A LOT of unhappy customers.

    Just go with what you think will suit the app.

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    Here is a real world example

    I made a game (really just to test out how good or bad iAds would be) called Dood Jump.
    It's free, and has been on the app store for over a year now.

    It now averages between 10 and 30 downloads a day, and looking at gamecenter, there are on average 100-150 players per week.

    There are iAds on the titlescreen, and also during gameplay.

    The equates to an average of £3.50 per week (around £13 per month) in iAd revenue.

    So obviously, with more downloads, and more players, iAds WILL earn money....but for it to be meaningful, the download numbers, and regular player numbers will need to be pretty good in the first place....and if you have a game that good, that's holding people's attentions, you would probably make just as much if you had it as a paid app.

    I have not tried Kiip yet, and I added Playhaven to Doodjump, but it's only been a month or so...so I have no idea what numbers that has done.
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    I have made almost $25 AUD (around 19Euros) from my game which has had 6000 downloads in about 2 months - pretty crap really.. Expected more, but download count of 6000 is pretty low!

    Best Way to make money imo:

    Free game with in-app purchases.

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    Agree with Jon.. IAP are a pain in the butt from a user experience standpoint (IMHO). I'd rather charge up front and give them the whole game. But honestly, IAP seem to make way more money. It's just my personal preference I guess.
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    Make a good game and charge $.99. :)
    Are you CRAZY???? :O


    QS :D

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    Well clearly,
    its to buy a template... DONT change the art.... And publish it half finished and charge $10 for it.. That seem's to be the best way in my eyes :D
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    It also helps when people keep playing it next to your download quantity. so make something people want to keep playing.
    (duh ;) )
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    @quantumsheep I think Jon has a sense of humor. I laughed big since been a long time. :D

    @jonmulcahy Thanks to make me big laugh!!! :D
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    @gawakamy Jon is not joking. That's te best way. Make a great game and sell it. Honestly looking at it from a how can I make the most money as opposed to how can I provide the best product will ultimately hamper any possible gains you could make. The end thing is always going to be make a great game. The rest will follow. If your game doesn't. Do well it prob was not great. Maybe good sometimes those fall through the cracks but never the great ones.
  • gawakamygawakamy Member Posts: 109
    @tenrdrmer Ah, ye? But I think that is mostly impossible to sell a game as $99 per one on App Store recently. Especially for individual developers. Even the game by big company also can not charge those kind of money. I am developing by myself, so it would be not so hu~~~~~~~~~~ge project.
  • xforcexforce Member Posts: 187
    @gawakamy he meant 99cents
  • gawakamygawakamy Member Posts: 109
    @xforce Oh, I see. Some of my app had been launched $0.99, but result was not so good, When I changed it free, more than 300 people downloaded it per day. So I have thought how to make money with free app. I think the best idea is IAP. Therefore I am studying it.
  • mynameisacemynameisace Hull, UKMember Posts: 2,484
    Finish making a good game, send it to as many uninvolved people as you can, get their honest opinions, find a compromise between time/money restraints and their suggestions, polish it some more, beta test it some more, then release it to the App Store for 99 cents.

    Adding ads, forcing an in-app purchase money system in to the gameplay just to make money, anything else probably won't make you any more money than selling the game outright. You sell it outright, you get 99 cents, you release it for free with ads or in app purchases and you have to engage the user, have longevity in your game, persuade them that what they are paying for is that much better than what they are getting for free & endless other factors.

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    I hate to Burst your bubble man but 300 a day is not going to make you anything with these monetization options. You will need litterally 1000's everyday and constant people playing to make money. In the end no matter what you need a great game.

    Trust me, stop worrying about the money and focus on the quality.
  • mynameisacemynameisace Hull, UKMember Posts: 2,484
    Trust me, stop worrying about the money and focus on the quality.
    @tenrdrmer Something that too few people do, then whine about not making money!

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    good game rule always always applies. make it fun, make it last.
  • jonmulcahyjonmulcahy Member, Sous Chef, PRO Posts: 10,386
    It's all about the game!

    I can't say enough on how useful/important beta testing is in the process. It finds bugs, and gameplay issues you missed. I used it extensively for my last game and the beta testers found a ton of issues I had missed. There have been people on the forum who for some reason decided that this step was option, and their game suffered for it.

    Designing the game and levels is only about 75% of the work. Designing the menus, transitions, options, that all gives your game a professional and high quality look and feel.

    I suggest you finish your game, wait a few days and go back to it and polish it even more with a fresh set of eyes, test test test! You should spend 10% at least of your total development time testing your app using services like testflightapp.com. I had a solid month of testing done on my game, and it was my most bug free game to date.
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