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ZoytZoyt Member Posts: 374
I would just like to see a few example app revenue charts if possible. I need to know about how much I could make this year, so I can see if I can afford a Pro membership.
Thanks a lot!

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  • jckmcgrawjckmcgraw Posts: 647
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    You can't base your income off of somebody else's income. To me what it seems like is that it comes down to marketing and quality.
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    expect 0, just get pro if you want more capabilities for your hobby. it might make ur money back it might not
  • spaceneedlespaceneedle Posts: 93
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    If you think you are going to spend 10 minutes in GameSalad, submit an app to apple, and make a million far, far away.

    It all starts out with moderate quality. Nobody will make money dumping junk into the app store, but you also can't afford to be a perfectionist. Case in point, don't think you can tweak "Basic Shoot Em Up", and sell it for $2, and make millions. (Yes, someone actually tried this). If you want to charge even a simple $0.99, it needs to be somewhat original and compelling. Remember: The noise level is extremely high. The App Store is very mature. "Its all been done before".

    I see you have chosen GameSalad. While I can run circles around iOS developers in a race, it is also extremely limiting in other aspects. Half the time, i feel like i am writing a haiku poem. Odds are against you, since native code has a serious advantage. But again, I still think time is key. Native code developers probably get bogged down for months trying to recreate simple physics engines that we enjoy in the first few minutes.

    This is a hobby, like perhaps having a wood shop like grandpa had. If you make it big, extra plus. But chances are, your first app will go nowhere. Just keep at it. Keep beating it with a stick. Same with business...took me years, many failures, and many dollars before i had a successful business worth writing home about.

    I still think the Pro membership is worth it. Being able to test instantly on Android, brand the app as your own, and saying 'screw it apple, if you keep denying me, android market you go' is quite satisfying. I can hand out APK's like candy without worrying about UDIDs, etc. where people can go "Hey, Casey, this is a stupid idea, stop while you are ahead" or "Oh, you are on to something!" without me wasting further time.
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