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I finished my Game at GameSalad, but the only way he let's me publish is by uploading to AppleStore.

My doubt is that, I saw that GameSalad allows me publishing only to AppleStore. If i get the iOS Developer Enterprise Company* will GameSalad allow me to publish/export the App in another way to be used only into a company?



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    the enterprise licensee just gives you access to different provisioning profiles and I believe unlimited devices instead of 100. So basically you have a larger Adhoc ability is all. You still need UDIDs of the devices etc… unless you are actually a corporation building internal apps you do not need this. the only place you can sell iOS apps is on the app store.
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    Why not get this if you do it is cheaper and to can put you app on your iPhone without publishing on the appstore.

  • rafaelzandonarafaelzandona Member Posts: 3
    Honestly, I'm quite new into it. And I didn't publish on GameSalad yet. I'm Trying.
    And I found the interface easy to work with GameSalad. I got the XCode too, but i didn't go well with it. But, with that kind of developer license is it possible to export App that you can keep only to yourself?
  • rafaelzandonarafaelzandona Member Posts: 3
    My doubt is about the GameSalad limitations, my humble ignorance (that i'm trying to solve) or questions will be answered at the moment that I get into Apple as developer.
  • rafaelzandonarafaelzandona Member Posts: 3
    Thanx you both. Telling the truth, both answers reliefed my heart. I know you might be thinking "Noob". Yep..I'm trying guys. Must wait my license, then I tell you how I'm doing. Thanx by now \m/
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    We all started out new. It's fine to ask questions! If you want to create a standalone application that can run on your Macintosh (or anyone else's), you do not need a license from Apple (h*ttp:// If you want to create an iPhone/iPad app then you do need an Apple Developer's License.

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